About Our Custom Cakes

Are you looking for a cake for a special event? Whether you want to order a cake for a wedding, a child’s birthday, or another special occasion, we should be able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Cakes Custom-Made For You

If you choose to order a cake from us, you won’t have to settle for something that is close to what you wanted. We’ll work hard to deliver you exactly what you were looking for.

When we custom make cakes, we don’t just jot down a list of suggestions and try to take them on board. We listen to our customers, and we work to create a cake that lives up to their expectations.

If you have some ideas for a cake, come talk to us! We’ll work hard to bring your vision to life.

Cakes That Taste As Good As They Look

A lot of cakes look great. However, some of those cakes sacrafice taste in the name of art. That’s not something we want to do. We want every one of our cakes to look amazing, but we also want to make sure that our cakes are delicious.

If you choose to buy a cake from us, you’re not going to just get something that you’ll enjoy looking at. You’re going to get something that you will love eating.

When you bite into one of our cakes, you’ll be blown away by the fantastic taste. Our cakes are made with your tastebuds in mind.

Great Cakes For A Reasonable Price

Custom-made cakes are certainly going to be more expensive than a sheet cake picked up at the grocery store. With that said, you won’t have to spend a small fortune if you want to order a cake from us.

We work hard to ensure that our prices are very reasonable. If you’re not sure that our cakes are within your price range, talk to us! You might be surprised by how affordable our cakes actually are. We have a lot of reasonably priced options available.

Top-Of-The-Line Customer Service

While you want to be happy with the cake that you receive, you don’t want to process of ordering that cake to be a big hassle. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

We’re polite and friendly to everyone that we work with. If our customers have questions, then we want them to come to us so that we can give them answers.

Customer service matters, especially if you are purchasing a cake for a major event. If you decide to work with us, then you won’t regret it.

If you are thinking about buying a cake for a big event, why not come to us? We’ll be able to give you exactly what you need.

We make all kinds of custom cakes, and we’d love to have the chance to make a cake for you. If you reach out to us, we’ll prepare a cake for you. You’ll love eating our cakes!

Bakery Machines and Equipment

The importance of quality equipment cannot be stressed enough. All our commercial bakery machines, such as industrial tunnel ovens are supplied by the fine people at www.gobte.com.